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What is Trackify?Trackify is an all-in-one app shopify app designed to help store owners easily install their facebook pixel, manage it and use powerful pixel features to optimize their facebook campaigns.
The app was originally created by Thomas Bartke (aka pixel whisperer) for his own use and helped him tremendously in generating more revenue for his own shopify stores. Later on, this app was made available to anyone looking to improve the ROI of their Facebook campaigns.
Who is Trackify for?Trackify is for everyone who owns a online store, especially a Shopify store. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie who had never heard about ‘pixel’ a few days ago or a veteran advertising, Trackify app will help you install your pixel, manage it, and optimize it for more conversions in a few clicks. No coding required!
Can I Try Trackify Before Buying?Absolutely. We stand behind our app 100% and would love you to sign up for a free trial, in which you can use the powerful features offered by Trackify without paying a dime. In the free-trial, we will provide you with both the resources and the guidance you need to get the most out of Trackify.
If you don’t like the app, simply cancel your account before your free-trial ends!
Do I need to know coding to use Trackify?Absolutely not. Trackify is for everyone and we put a lot of focus on making it as user-friendly as possible. With Trackify, you can easily integrate your facebook pixel with your store, assign a pixel for pixel backup and build audiences in a few clicks, without a single line of coding..
What’s included when i start my free trackify trial today?In your Trackify free-trial, you will get access to:
All Trackify featuresStep-by-Step pixel installation & optimization training using TrackifyLifetime access to our exclusive Facebook Marketing GroupFree Facebook advertising resources Why is this better than similar shopify apps?We will be honest. There are other apps that you can use for installing your facebook pixel but there are three things which make installing Trackify the best choice:
1 - It’s created by Thomas Bartke, who is a leading authority on Facebook advertising in the world. Thomas has training thousands and thousands of people on how to find, test, and scale winning products on Facebook. He has a very solid understanding of how the pixel works and what you can do to get more conversions for less ad spend. All of that expertise is reflected in Trackify app, which he is personally using on his and his client’s stores.
2 - Trackify is not just a Facebook Pixel app. Facebook’s advertising platform is an ever evolving platform and we make sure that Trackify keeps pace with these changes. Our development team is constantly doing research on what new features would help you improve your advertising ROI and incorporating really good ones on a monthly basis. Afterall, that’s what optimization is!
3 - We have a stellar support team which is available to help you out at all times, regardless of whether you are a free-trial user or a paying customer. More importantly than that, our team loves to listen to feedback, even when a customer hates our app, so we can improve every single day and provide more value to shopify store owners.
Is Trackify easy to install?Ofcourse! With Trackify, you can easily install your pixel in your shopify store in a few clicks without any coding. Infact, once you sign up, we will send you step-by-step instructions on how to do it.
What kind of results should I expect from using Trackify?For any tool to work, you need to know how to use it. If you use Trackify the way we want you to use it, you should be able to see a significant increase in your conversions, reduction in your ad spend and a lot more free time!
How can I use the Trackify App for free?Trackify is a paid app for Shopify. Use of the app is free for members of the TrackifyApp Membership Club. Depending on the membership level you hold, you can use Trackify Gold or Platinum in one or more Shopify stores and enjoy other benefits of the Members Club as well.
Will I lose the data in my current Trackify install when I switch to the free app with TrackifyApp Membership CLub?No! Your current install doesn't change at all. When you access the app after having registered the Shopify Store in the TrackifyApp Membership Club, no further Shopify charges for the app will be applied as long as you keep your membership in good standing.
Is the Trackify app that you can use with a TrackifyApp Membership different from the Shopify App?No! It is the same app, available in Gold and Platinum service levels. You won't notice any difference if you switch from Shopify billing to the free app with the TrackifyApp Club Membership.
Can I use the TrackifyApp Club Membership to use Trackify for free on multiple stores?We offer different membership levels which give you free access to Trackify in one or more stores. With the single-store membership, you can use the app in one store, but you can move the app from one store to another if you decide to switch stores. Multi-store memberships let you use the app for free in however many stores are included at that membership level.
How do I cancel app charges for Trackify?App charges that appear on your Shopify invoice are canceled by uninstalling the app from your store. If you register the store with your TrackifyApp Membership, this will also prevent any future charges from Shopify for the app in that store for the duration of your membership. To cancel your TrackifyApp Membership, please email us at .moc.ppayfikcart%40troppus Once you cancel your TrackifyApp Membership, Shopify charges may start to be applied again, but only if you continue to use the app and approve the Shopify charges. You will get a prompt to do so when you access the app in the store after your membership is canceled or expired.
I purchased a TrackifyApp membership but still get prompts to approve Shopify payments when I install or access the app. Why is that?You need to log in to your TrackifyApp Club Membership Portal and register the store(s) that you want to use under the Membership. After a store is successfully registered, you will not get any prompts for Shopify app charges.
Can I install Trackify in a Shopify store that's on a plan that doesn't allow paid apps?Yes! The app use under the TrackifyApp Membership is free from the point of view of the Shopify store. So it will work for plans that allow only free apps to be installed.