The Features You Need!

A Complete Facebook Marketing Toolkit For Shopify Store Owners


Get More With TrackifyX

  • Switch to 0, 10% or Full Conversion Reporting In Few Clicks

    Get your desired revenue reporting in your Facebook Ad Manager with a simple toggle!

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    Get Tag-Specific & Pixel Specific Reports

    Measure the performance of your campaigns with Trackify - Facebook Pixel App For Shopify, a built-in reporting module that tells you exactly what’s working and what’s not.

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    Track More Events With Ninja Mode

    Never miss a Facebook event on your Shopify store with Trackify Ninja Mode, which makes your pixel fire fast. Really fast!

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    Create up to 20% Look-a-Likes!

    Got a great Facebook audience that you would like to expand in your ad sets? Use Trackify’s 20% Look-a-like audience builder feature.


Core Features

    Pixel Integration Simplified
    Build Custom & Lookalike Audiences
    Pixel Backup
    Easily Create & Sync Your Facebook Product Catalog
    Boost Remarketing With Custom DPA's
    Ready. Aim. Fire